After so many years of Misinforming, the Sativa L. Cannabis has been reevaluated on a worldwide level, especially for the benefical properties of the Cannabidiol (CBD), its natural and vegetal non psychoactive principal. The fact this phytocannabinoid is so versatile eneases its success in the cosmetics. Well, Cannabis Store Amsterdam managed to make a precious and unique cosmetic line using Cannabidiol (CBD), of a high and incomparable quality. As a matter of fact, our products allow our body to be feeded with benefic substances capable to improve our health. Actually, few people are aware that the human body naturally produces cannabinoids so, after being improved or under stress, it needs to re-integrate these substances, and this is also a godsend for the skin. So consequently, the endocannabinoids are useful to protect the skin since they are made of terpenes helpful to regulate the production of sebo. In the same time, a cannabidiol (CBD) cosmetic product has antirusting and anti-bacteriological properties for the skin and is an element that helps our  body for the self-regenerating because it interacts with the endocannabinoid system, made up by a receptor net present and incorporated in our skin that ensures the homeostasis of our body, such as its full stability.

For these reasons the cannabidiol (CBD) is very useful on the dermatological aspect, since it works on the damaged cells of the skin, regenerating them and on the good ones enforcing them, and especially because of its non-inflaming action. The researches that were made on this topic clearly confirmed it and the scientists opinion is unanimous: CBD is an natural non-inflaming able to erase the cytokine and chemokine from our body. Basically, the benefits of the cosmetics having CBD go right down to help our body to stay on equilibrium conditions, avoiding inflammatory processes.Moreover, it’s well known that CBD is effective in the psoriasis treatment, it’s a powerful antiviral agent, works against acne, it’s a natural antioxidant and a fine anti-age product, able to reduce wrinkles, to strengthen nails and hairs and to act both on dry and oily skin. Finally, is essential to remark that our cosmetic products have  also energizing and analgesic effects and, for this reason, can be used in sports injuries.

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