Our Vapojoints are disposable portable electronic cigarettes of 400 or 500 shots of excellent quality and have a liquid inside which, thanks to a special formula, associates extracts of Cannabidiol (CBD) with 20% of the highest quality to the terpenes of origin Californian full spectrum, and is available in American Dream, Kush, Ak 47, Amnesia, Jack Herer and Gorilla Glue flavors. The advantages of this device are manifold because it allows the boiling of the cannabinoids, drying the gems without burning them, thus eliminating the harmful chemicals caused by the combustion process which, therefore, does not take place. Consequently, it can be used in any place and at any time since it releases only a harmless and odorless vapor.


It is one of the most solid, small and elegant portable vaporizers on the market, equipped with a very practical display that allows you to check the battery charge status and adjust the temperature very efficiently; in addition, it also works with concentrates. Its rubber coating makes it pleasant to the touch and its small size allows it to be carried anywhere easily.


It is one of the most compact and small portable pen-shaped vaporizers on the market. It vaporizes evenly thanks to its anodized heating chamber and provides a very soft and rich vapor. The device is covered in carbon fiber while the internal chamber is made of anodized steel.

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